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John Isaacs founder of  VDTRA


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The Organization
Flat Track, or Dirt Track, is the oldest form of motorcycle racing in the world. This type of event originated on dirt surfaces and later evolved to steeply banked board tracks, (made from lying two by fours on edge) some measuring more than a mile in distance. After numerous fatalities, the board tracks became a part of history and Flat Track once again moved to the dirt tracks, many of which are located at fairgrounds, local tracks, kart tracks or car tracks across our great country. Unlike any other form of motorcycle racing Flat Track began here in the good old U.S.A. and is considered to be the grass roots of all motorcycle racing.


In the early days many competitors arrived at the race, taped off their headlights, raced, untapped the light and road home.


The Vintage Dirt Track Racers Association is a racing series that primarily holds races for older motorcycles from the 1980’s and earlier. There are however also modern classes as well, show casing the most up to date flat track racing motorcycles. The VDTRA is one of the few racing series where local racers may get a chance to be on the same track and Grand National Level racers.


New racers are often amazed to see competitors working feverously on the competitions motorcycle in between racers to help get them back on the track for the next race. Many new racers are often also amazed at the sharing of information to assist them on how to be faster or safer.


Many racers of the VDTRA are former Grand National level competitors who no longer wish to keep up the rigors of Grand National travel. Many competitors raced in their “younger” years and return after raising families.




  Table of Contents :

 General Rules


Restrictions for Vintage Motorcycles

 Championship Points

 Championship  Classes



COMBINING CLASSES:  At the discretion of the Race Director/Promoter, classes may be combined. In this case, the racers will be scored separately. If a racer is signed up for more than one class, and those two classes are combined, he/she may declare the class that he/she wants to be scored in. If a racer wishes to be score in both classes they will not receive a refund for the one class. It is the racer’s responsibility to inform the Race Director they are racing two classes in one race.


Practice should be in race order. The class that a racer is signed up in will be his/her practice class. Each class will get at least 2 practice sessions.


All participants must be a member of the VDTRA\Grand Prix Hot Shoe Series or purchase a day pass membership.


A class should have at least 1 rider to make a class. Combined race classes are at the V.D.T.R.A. owners/ Race Directors’/track owners/promoters discretion. And maybe scored separately.  All Purse Paying classes are under the sole discretion of the VDTRA Committee, Track owner and event promoter.


No rough riding will be tolerated. Racers who are considered to be a hazard will be black-flagged, instructed to leave the track, and will be disqualified. Disqualified racers will forfeit any and all entry fees.


Alcohol consumption will not be tolerated in the pits during a VDTRA event. Neither racers nor officials may consume alcohol, or any mind-altering drugs, within eight hours prior to, or during a VDTRA event. Alcohol may not be consumed in the pits in accordance with the promoter/track rules and policies; and only after the last main event has been completed.


Racers are responsible for their crew members and family members. Any abuse, verbal or physical, from a racer, crew member, or family member to a track official or VDTRA official will not be tolerated. The first offense will be disqualification from the event. In the event of a 2nd occurrence a racer / Team owner may be suspended for the remainder of the year and possible banned for life.


Falsifying one’s name, age or ability level, practicing without officially signing up, or competing or attempting to compete under false pretenses will not be tolerated. The 1st offense will cost the racer the race in which they are participating. The 2nd offense will cost the racer the race they are participating in plus the next two races. Upon the 3rd offense, the Board members will vote and a penalty of suspended for the remainder of the year and up to two years. If the offense places a fellow racer, member, spectator or any other human being in harm’s way, or is a violation of the law, the accused may be banned from the VDTRA permanently.


All pit areas are to be cleaned upon leaving the track. Do not leave oil, tires, trash, etc. in the area.  All dogs Must Be Kept on leashes.


 If a racer qualifies for a main event and subsequently experiences mechanical difficulties, he/she may change machines but must notify the referee and Race Director and must start on back row or penalty line .   

 RED FLAG: Races will resume (a) as soon as the track is cleared of any impediment and all participants are ready and at the starting line or (b) if all participants are not ready to restart, the races will be started with or without them no sooner, or later than eight minutes after the track is cleared of any impediment. If a participant who started under power, in gear and crossed the start/finish line in the initial start is unable to start the new race after the red flag, that racer will be given last place points. In the event of a single rider in a class the rider only need start the race under the machines own power to receive 1st place points in a main event.


Helmet-Snell 2000 (or newer) approved. No ½ helmets. Helmets must cover rider’s ears.
Face shield or goggles
Boots of a minimum height of 8”
Body Armor is recommended and should include back, chest, and knee and elbow protectors.
A steel shoe is recommended with the exception of a TT race.
Gloves / no fingerless gloves allowed.

SUGGESTED ADDITIONAL EQUIPMENT: Back Protector; Chest Protector; Collar Bone Protector

NOTE: Racers are responsible for equipping themselves with safety equipment and do so at their own risk. The VDTRA does not accept responsibility for any bodily injuries and does not endorse or guarantee any products or manufacturers of said products.

                               TECH REQUIREMENTS:

All Motorcycles must adhere to tech requirements prior to racing
No fuel or oil will be drained and  left on the grounds of any race venue
Only gasoline (of any octane rating) may be used Except in the Speedway Class
No fuel injection( unless otherwise stated) or Nitrous Oxide may be used
Motorcycles with oil, hydraulic fluid or fuel leaks will not be allowed to race. No motor oil spewing through exhaust system or leaking on motor is allowed.
A motorcycle developing a leak prior to, between, or during a race will be disqualified and will not be allowed to participate until the leak is stopped.
All drain plugs must be safety wired.
All foot pegs must be folding and covered with rubber
All sharp objects must be taped or rubber covered as per VDTRA Committee discretion.

     Proper working Electrical or mechanical engine kill switches and self-closing throttles are required.

Motorcycles must be mechanically sound. I.e. No bad bearings in swing arms, steering stem or wheels, etc.

Tires must have enough tread to be deemed safe to race on for track conditions as per VDTRA Committee discretion.  No Knobby(unless otherwise specified) tire allowed on rear of motorcycle. Any DOT Tire allowed.
*ALL AMA TECH RULES MAY BE IN EFFECT unless otherwise stated*

One plate for the front and one for each side of the motorcycle are required and numbers must be legible.

No plates that can shatter are allowed.

 Any deviation on age restrictions must meet the verbal approval of ALL racers riding that class for that race. Those not meeting the age requirement will not be awarded points in the class.


VDTRA\Grand Prix HotShoe Series reserves the right to deny membership, membership renewal or terminate membership without refund.

 Membership  License- A V.D.T.R.A. \Grand Prix Hotshoe Series race license may be obtained by remitting $50 along with an application to the VDTRA and will be valid for one calendar year.


 Temporary Licenses-Temporary licenses may be obtained by remitting $25 for a two day event and $15 for a one day membership. This will not be applied to a regular membership for a later date. Fees are subject to change without notice.

 Lifetime License-Given by the VDTRA to members who have went above and beyond in the service of the VDTRA.

*Calendar Year is from January to December of the current race season


 RIMS AND TIRES: There is no rim width rule. All tires must be of the class “C” or DOT type tread and must be utilized in accordance with the manufacturers’ specifications. No trials or knobby tires will be allowed unless otherwise stated. All tires must be new or in like new condition prior to racing.

 FRAMES: All chassis are acceptable as long as they are safely functional. Modern reproductions of these frames are acceptable. No single shock frames are allowed in 50's and 60's era classes.

 FORKS: All non-inverted, and inverted forks of any size are allowed.

 SHOCKS: All dual type shocks are legal. Single shocks allowed in 70's era and above if desired.

Like Design:  Those engines that are continuations of a qualified engine are legal.

*All classes are subject to like design unless otherwise stated.*

*All classes subject to change and/or restructure as per VDTRA\Grand Prix Hotshoe Series officials ruling*

 VDTRA/Grand Prix Hotshoe Series POINTS:

 National Championship points will be the sum of the National Series Points and the National Championship Points.

 National Championship Races: The last race weekend of the season will be the National Championship. The National Championship may consist of a one-day event of racing or two, depending upon the venue.

If a person races in a race and they are not eligible for any reason, they will not receive points. Everyone that finished behind that racer, that is eligible, will move up in points and place.

VDTRA/Grand Prix Hotshoe Series


All race points will be awarded to all members as follows:

1st place          25 points                    8th place          13 points

2nd place         22 points                    9th place          12 points

3rd place          20 points                    10 place          11 points

4th place          18 points                    11th place        10 points

5th place          16 points                    12th place        9 points

6th place           15 points                    13th place        8 points

7th place           14 points                    14th place        7 point

**BONUS Points 10 extra bonus points may be added to any race event on the schedule to help promote and or encourage travel...**

 Tow Points-If a race is called due to inclement weather, darkness, or any other unforeseen circumstances, Five (5) tow points will be awarded those racers signed up, under the following conditions:

            If a make-up race is held within 24 hours, no tow points will be awarded for the original event.

            If the make-up race is held later than 24 hours after the called race, tow points will be awarded for the original event and the make-up race will be considered an additional event.

            Tow points will be awarded and entry fees will be refunded to those racers that have signed up for and paid fees for a specific race(s) if the race is called after sign up.

            If the race is called prior to sign up, it is up to the racer to contact the Race Director, in person, prior to leaving the venue so as to sign up for and receive tow points.

*All racers who start the race will be eligible for points. Starting a  race will be defined as crossing the start/finish line, under the green flag or light, in forward motion due to the power of an engine (no pushing the motorcycle across the line) and with the slated race group (it is against VDTRA\Grand Prix Hotshoe Series rules to enter the track once a race has started unless otherwise allowed by a V.D.T.R.A./ Grand Prix HotShoe Series official). If a participant who started the initial race of a Red Flagged event is unable to race the re-start race, that racer will be given last place points. If more than one racer can’t re-start, the racers will be given points based upon their position in the race (to the best of the scorers ability) when they were last under power prior to an accident or having to stop for a red flag.

In the event of a tie the rider with the most wins will be eligible for the #1 plate / class champion in a rider’s perspective class and the roster will be moved down accordingly.  


VDTRA/Grand Prix HotShoe Series


VDTRA OPEN PRO class and Grand Prix Hotshoe Series OPEN PRO Class will be a minimum of 100% Payback unless otherwise stated or advertised. Up to 100% of the professional race fees collected for the specific race will be distributed to that class as listed below.  If a purse amount is offered by a racetrack owner or promoter and rider count in the class / classes is below a predetermined number of racers then said class / classes will revert to a payback format decided by the V.D.T.R.A./ Grand Prix HotShoe Series , race promoter , race facility owner / manager.

Predetermined number of riders may be announced prior to race event

Top Three Racers

1st Place 50%; 2nd Place 30%; 3rd Place 20%

Top Two Racers

1st Place 70%; 2nd Place 30%


              VDTRA National class structure:

*Any one currently holding an AMA Professional license will not be eligible to compete in VDTRA Vintage Classes* 



Must be 30 years of age on or before the day of the race.


All VDTRA members may participate.

All VDTRA classes and structure are broken down into decade era's, with 3 classes available in each era except the 50's era.

An OPEN 2 stroke class, an OPEN  single cylinder class and an OPEN twins (or multicylinder) class.

Racers may move up and compete into any above era, but cannot move down. Example: a 1977 Yamaha TT 500 based bike can run in the 70's, 80's and 90's era classes if desired. A 1957 Harley Davidson dual shock Sportster can run in the 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's and 90's era if desired. The Engine must have been available in said era you are competing in. Rotax Singles are not eligible for 70's era racing.

VDTRA OPEN Vintage Pro Class- Purse Paying-100% payback minimum.

Any VDTRA legal motorcycle in the 50's-80's era and VDTRA legal rider can compete. No "modern vintage" bikes allowed.


+50- Senior class

+60- Super Senior class

Any VDTRA legal motorcycle and VDTRA legal rider can compete.


Vintage Hooligan

Any Production motorcycle-1985 and older

Must use DOT approved tires or Flattrack Class “C” Tires.

Lights must be taped or removed


Grand Prix HotShoe Series



Open Quad

249cc and up. Single or twin cylinder, two stroke or four stroke engines. No knobby tires, Flat track or turf type tires only.

Open Quad Knobby

249cc and up. Single or twin cylinder, two stroke or four stroke engines.

 No tire restriction


Mad Dog Mini’s Jr.

1. Engine must be a air cooled 2 valve 4 stroke and manufactured as 156cc or less.

2. Maximum engine size 175cc

3. Any frame and wheel combination.

4. Pump or race Gasoline only. No methanol

5. No Knobbies

6. Rider must be under 16  years of age.


Mad Dog Mini’s SR

1. Engine must be a air cooled 2 valve 4 stroke and manufactured as 156cc or less.

2. Maximum engine size 175cc

3. Any frame and wheel combination.

4. Pump or race Gasoline only. No methanol

5. No Knobbies

6. Rider must be over 16  years of age.


Open Amateur

Open Knobby





251cc – 450cc


If the participant is under the age of 18, you must have both parents and/or legal guardians sign a waiver of liability. Parents, legal guardians, or authorized adults must remain present at all times during participation of VDTRA event.



Any Production motorcycle .

Must use DOT approved tires or Flattrack Class “C” Tires.

Lights must be taped or removed

Open Pro Singles

Open Pro Twins

Open Pro- Purse paying (100% payback minimum)